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Why do people choose TPXBullion ?
By removing the obstacles we have made gold ownership simple and accessible for anyone


4% Minimum annual yield. 

Banks hold gold in reserve for a good reason.


Stored & Insured

Fully insured by Lloyds of London from time of purchase.

Stored securely by Brinks



Independently audited quarterly by a UK company.

Transparency and compliance are central to our values.



Owning Gold Bullion

Most experts agree that at least 20% of any portfolio should contain gold bullion. At TPXBullion we have removed all of the reasons why gold is perceived as difficult to hold and made it accessible to everyone. We offer...

  1. Free Secure Storage. (Brinks)

  2. Free Insurance. (Lloyds of London)

  3. Free Transport costs to/from Brinks

  4. An annual yield (Min 4%)


Wealth & Performance

Gold has been a store of wealth for over 5000 years. It has outlasted every single currency. 

It is held by governments and royalty the world over.

At TPXBullion we only ever buy and store the finest gold bullion.

LBMA approved 999.9% gold bullion. This can be liquidated within 48 hours or can attract a guaranteed dividend annually.


Personal Service & Advice

When you purchase your gold through TPXBullion you get personal access to our team of experts.

Many years of experience working for you.

TPXBullion and it's brokers offer an unparalleled service and ongoing related advice. 



Historic Gold Price Increases (For information, not a prediction of future performance)​​

  • Jan 2019 to Jan 2020      up 21.04%

  •   3 years                           up 27.24%

  •   5 years                           up 44.25%

  • 10 years                           up 72.73%

  • 15 years                           up 447.39%



Security and complete peace of mind for you and your family

The services detailed below are provided by TPXBullion to all clients that want the benefits of owning gold bullion with none of the hassles normally associated with gold ownership.

  • All of the gold we deal with is London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved.

  • All your gold is certified 999.9% pure bullion.

  • All your gold is fully insured from the time of purchase by Lloyd's of London.

  • All your gold is transported securely to storage facility.

  • All your gold is stored securely in vaults by Brinks

  • All your gold is audited bi annually by an independent UK based auditing company.

  • You get expert advice, tips and guidance from your own personal broker.

  • You get a minimum* 4% yield every year. (*We highly recommend 3 to 5 years for the best yields*).

  • Liquidate your assets within 48 hours*  (*Some restrictions / fees may apply if you are in the annual plan)


       See last 15 years gold performance as a guide only* HERE.


It's all about


" Expect only the best"

Our experts have had years of invaluable experience in the precious metals industry.

When you purchase with TPXBullion you get access to your own personal broker.


They can answer any questions you have as well as give guidance on the many aspects and benefits of owning gold bullion.

We have different options regarding secure storage and insurance as well as annual dividends on gold you have stored.

*We do not offer financial advice*


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